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Quality inspector

Perform inspections of each step, in accordance with the production schedule. Reviews each part according to the quality plans to determine if any nonconformities are apparent.

Make sure you have the documents required to perform the inspections (production slip, technical sheet, etc.)

Assist the foreman in establishing corrective measures and highlighting the causes of non-conformities.

In collaboration with the seller, carry out reviews of customer quality files

Support external inspectors during their visits

Ensure that the necessary measuring instruments and required work instructions are available at all times and that these are fully functional and properly calibrated. Ensure that the calibration dates are valid and report any deviations to the President.

Obtain, read and fully understand the production slip and raise any uncertainties or questions with the project-production manager, and see to their resolution.

In collaboration with the seller and the project-production manager,   issue FMEA (Failure Mode Analysis, Effects and Criticality) documents during a "kickoff meeting" for cases requiring it.

Ensure that all essential raw materials, especially abrasives and coatings, are stored and used correctly according to the batch numbers and shelf life recommended by the manufacturer       

Deviations from the production slip must be brought to the attention of the Plant Manager. They must be reported to the seller only if the inspector does not agree with the proposed solutions. Issue an NCR and corrective action if required

Issue certificates of conformity and inspection reports as required by the client and send them

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