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Liquid paint sprayer job offer

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Liquid painter

Do you want to use your ingenuity and versatility for the benefit of a company that encourages the initiatives of all its employees? You have   thirsty to learn   and are you always looking for new challenges? There are plenty of opportunities here.

Sablage au Jet 2000 is the quality of the products and the   client satisfaction   first of all. We do not shy away from any challenge, we see them as invaluable opportunities to develop our expertise. If you want to learn new skills, all doors are open to you.

Your work will be recognized for its fair value. Our people achieve great things every day, they are the reason for all of our success. Your efforts, skills and dedication will never go unnoticed. Over the years, a great bond has developed between all the members of our team. They are truly committed and have the prosperity of the business at heart, they are here to stay.

Your responsibilities

As   spray painter , you will have to carry out each task with a constant concern for quality. Your rigor will be your best weapon.

On a daily basis, our painter will have to:

  • Carefully paint a wide variety of rooms;
  • Prepare the parts before painting;
  • Prepare the paint required for a task and mix it according to the technical data sheets;
  • Maintain, repair and clean painting equipment;
  • Keep the workspace in order;
  • Driving a forklift an asset

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