Sablage 2000

Sablage au Jet 2000

Founded in 1977, the group Sablage au jet 2000 is specialized in surface treating by chemical preparation, mechanical preparation, sandblasting as well as liquid and powder coating, metallization, zinganisation and passivation. For nine years, the group has concentrated its activities on the completion of specialized parts of higher quality, used  in aeronautics, defense, but also in heavy machinery, metal structures of any dimension of any alloy.


Mission of the compagny

Our team is committed to honoring the trust of industry experts in performing work always according to customer specifications. In addition, the team engages in a business partnership with its clients to improve its processes continuously.

Quality policy

In order to provide the best value for money, the Sablage au Jet 2000 team is committed to providing high quality service in parts treatments while maintaining a continuous improvement of its intervention techniques.



The team

All our team is grateful for your support



In liquid or powder coating, anything is in our power and within the necessary timeline.

Denis Girard, President of Sablage au Jet 2000